Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Big bill

Given that today is the King of Thailand's birthday it was fitting that the highlight of  walk around Suan Rot Fai was Thailand's biggest kingfisher - a Stork-billed.  This is only the second time I have recorded this species in Suan Rot Fai (the other time being when I first started watching the site in autumn 2008).  Today's bird was watched in deep cover, spending a long time repeatedly whacking a large prey item senseless before swallowing it whole.

The same area held one of several groups of Blue-tailed Bee-eaters that I saw this morning, plus Black-capped, White-throated and Common Kingfishers - not bad: one pool with four species of Kingfisher on it - just 100 metres from a busy main road in downtown Bangkok!

Other notables this morning included one or two tytleri-type Barn Swallows, two juv Night Herons, two Open-billed Storks, one White Wagtail, two Paddyfield Pipits (my first on the patch this autumn/winter), one Dusky Warbler, seven Yellow-browed Warblers, two Black Drongos, three Ashy Drongos, three Asian Brown Flycatchers and good numbers of Black-naped Orioles and Taiga Flycatchers.

Cattle Egrets - an increasingly regular patch bird

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