Monday, June 28, 2010

Monsoon wedding - Kathmandu

We just went got back from Kathmandu, after attending the wedding of two Nepalese friends.  The trip was great fun, but certainly not birding-oriented in any way, shape or form, though I did manage a couple of year ticks, with BLACK KITE and INDIAN POND HERON over the wedding reception, as well as an unidentified parakeet (I'm not sure what species you get in the centre of Kathmandu).

I also managed to pick up BLUE-THROATED BARBET and JUNGLE MYNA whilst visiting the Monkey Temple (which also gave excellent views of Black Kites perched in the early morning), and fluked a BARN OWL over the road at dusk one evening. Given the lovely mountain views over the Kathmandu Valley and ticking MOUNT EVEREST from the plane, I was rather gutted not to have more time to explore the country, but work commitments mean I have to write-off any chance of birding until mid-August.