Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mae Sot

I worked in Mae Sot (on the Thai-Myanmar border) on Monday and Tuesday this week.  This gave me the opportunity to check out the fields behind Mae Sot Airport, giving a nice selection on wintering migrants.

These included three Brown Shrikes, at least four Siberian Rubythroats (heard), three Bluethroats in one area of recently burnt stubble that also held a flock of at least six Amur Wagtails and five Eastern Yellow Wagtails.

I also came across three Red-throated Pipits and Paddyfield (at least four birds) and Richard's Pipits (two birds). The latter two species offered opportunities for photographing and comparing them - Richard's being substantially bigger, longer tailed, heavier billed and generally more robust.

adult Brown Shrike


Amur Wagtail

Paddyfield Pipit

Richard's Pipit