Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Another visitor from London, innit!

For this morning's visit to Suan Rot Fai I was joined by David Lindo for his second trip to the park (he visited in December last year).  The highlight this morning was getting much better views (and photos) of the female Cyornis flycatcher which I'm still presuming is a Chinese Blue, pending making time to sit down and study the images carefully. The Cyornis flys are very tricky and the shape and colour of the throat does not seem to be classic of Chinese Blue, so I'm still a bit hesitant on this bird's ID.

Other padders today included one Dusky Warbler, three Asian Brown Flycatchers and a handful of Yellow-browed Warblers.

EDIT: Having now had a good look at the images, I'm happy that this bird is a female Chinese Blue Flycatcher (note the paler throat contrasting with the breast).  Given the markings on the gape it seems likely to be a first winter female.

Here are a few other pictures taken this morning...

Cattle Egret

Coppersmith Barbet


Unknown said...

29-12-12 - Hi Dave, I also am at SRF frequently since I live in the area. Can we hook up so I can take advantage of your experience? Mail me please at mikeadair10 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...


I'm a Japanese birder going to visit Bangkok this January.
I found your blog via Google and gained a lot about Suan Rot Fai, thank you.
I'm planning to visit Suan Rot Fai early morning during my visit, strolling around mid-area to lakes in the Northern-area, ignoring the ornamental gardens.
If you could let me know some tips of birding in Suan Rot Fai, it would be helpful giving me reply.
I searched for your e-mail address but I couldn't, is it better to contact via email?
I'd leave my address if so.

Best Regards,

Troy said...

This blog of yours is a great idea! I've been to Suan Rot Fai three times myself and really enjoyed it.
Have you heard of ebird.org? It's run by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and they have regular birders help them track bird numbers and species distributions around the world. The number of entries is fairly sparse for Suan Rot Fai (and Bangkok generally), with only 74 species ever reported and no information for March, April, or May. I'd love to see you add your observations there in the future, as you've seen more than all the other reports combined.

David Gandy said...

Thanks for these comments above - I've been very busy over the festive period and have deadlines in the next few days but will be able to reply to you all late next week I hope

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reply.
But my trip was over and I've already left Bangkok to Japan.
I saw 1 White-rumped Shama("escaped"?), several Plainative Cuckoos, 2 female Small Minivets, and Yellow-browed and Dusky Warblers during my 2.5 hour visit.
I sought Orange-headed Thrush as you mentioned in your blog, but not found.
I spent very nice time there and your blog helped my visit very well.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

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