Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Thick-billed Warbler

Did the first couple of hours of the day at Suan Rot Fai with the most notable sighting being my first Thick-billed Warbler of the autumn.  There were at least three leaucogenis Ashy Drongos  zooming about  the canopy of the larger trees, whilst flycatchers were present in smaller numbers than last weekend (four Asian Browns and approximately 10 Taigas).  Ashy Minivets were heard calling several times, but weren't seen. Phylloscs included four Yellow-browed, two Eastern Crowned and a pair of PLLW/Sakhalins, one of which showed well and even posed for a few photos - the extensively dusky lower mandible & relatively long primary projection might favour Sakhalin LW.

Sakhalin candidate

 Pond Herons were much in evidence, with 20-30 seen and I was also surprised to see this adult that retained more-or-less complete breeding plumage.

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