Saturday, October 11, 2014

Siberian Blue Saturday

Arctic Warbler

This morning I spent 6am-8.45am on the patch. Lots of migrants were in evidence, with several Asian Brown Flycatchers calling as it got light, and many Pond Heron spp moving around the park. Overall I must have encountered about 15 ABF, as well as five Taiga Flycatchers. Phylloscs were represented by at least three Arctic Warblers and one Pale-legged/Sakhalin Leaf Warbler feeding in the canopy of a large fig tree which makes me suspicious that it may have been the latter.

There were also a good number of Brown Shrikes present, perhaps 10 encountered in total, including this confiding individual.

Other migrants included two Ashy Drongos (of different races) feeding in the Ramble. The first that I saw was a leucogenis whilst the second looked to be a mouhouti.

Best bird of the morning was first winter female Siberian Blue Robin that gave several fleeting glimpses and then completely disappeared, despite me spending another 45 minutes searching for it.

In the afternoon I visited Khok Kham to look for waders.  I arrived later than planned and gathering storm clouds meant that dusk came rather earlier than expected, so I didn't get  time to locate many large groups of waders, the best being a flock of 250-300 Black-tailed Godwits,  40 Painted Storks, single Long-toed Stint and Broad-billed Sandpiper, 30+ Marsh Sandpipers, several small groups of Lesser Sandplover and Red-necked Stints and three Pacific Golden Plovers.

Pacific Goldies

This Chinese Pond Heron still had some breeding plumage evident

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