Wednesday, October 28, 2009

26th Oct 2009 - Norfolk hopes

The first of a couple of days birding with Sacha didn't look too good - brisk WSW winds in a county that has had a poor autumn. Nonetheless Sacha's local knowledge took me to a couple of sites that I've not visited for a very long time, and to areas at those sites that I had no idea existed.

Rares of the day were second hand Gween-winged Teal and White-rumped Sandpiper at Cley (the latter we picked up immediately on getting to a full Daukes Hide...the other occupants of Daukes were grateful to us for putting them onto the closest wader, which they had completely overlooked). Much more enjoyable however were a Woodcock in-off at Muckleburgh and a photogenic Barn Owl that seemed rather exhausted and ended up roosting in the open (migrant?). Passerines at Muckleburgh included a duck & drake Blackcap, a nominate Chiff and brief views of a very pale bird that looked really similar to the first bird detailed in this thread on Birdforum.

Secondhand Sand

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