Monday, October 5, 2009

Dusky @ dusk

Last few days have been more birding-free than I'd like at this time of year; went to see my wife's relatives in Phitchit Province but had little chance to do much birding - highlights were a migrant Blue-throated Bee-eater from the car, a couple of longicaudatus long-tailed shrikes and 2-3 leucogenis Ashy Drongos on passage. I did see a large raptor over the village, but without bins...

Back in Bangkok today, tried my hand at skywatching for migrant raptors and was astonished to find an accipiter almost immediately, which was obviously migrating (high altitude, fast, level, direct flight north to south - carried on looking once I had got the scope up, but to no avail). This afternoon made a short trip to Suan Rot Fai which was heaving with migrants - TAIGA FLY, EASTERN CROWNED WARBLER and a DUSKY WARBLER (first of the autumn) all in one small area, plus 3 other Taigas, an ASIAN BROWN FLY, female-type YELLOW-RUMPED FLY and the first BLACK-CAPPED KINGFISHER of the autumn...not bad for 45 minutes!

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