Sunday, November 10, 2013


I did Suan Rot Fai from 0610-0815 hrs, arriving in twilight and seeing the park wake up. Groups of Pond Herons and Cattle Egrets were commuting across the park, and three Night Herons (1 Ad. and 2 Juvs) sat out on a dead tree before heading to their roost. There were also several Asian Brown Flycatchers (total of five detected this morning) calling at dawn, and I also picked up a Black-capped Kingfisher

Whilst this was an enjoyable start to the morning it was all rather run-of-the-mill but was soon followed by a number of significantly more scarce species making an appearance. the first was a high-flying, calling Ashy Minivet (my first record outside of April), that was followed by the most remarkable mixed flock that I have seen in the Park, consisting of one Claudia's Leaf Warbler (my second patch record), one Arctic Warbler, a Grey-headed Canary Flycatcher (which was a patch tick last weekend, so let's assume it was the same bird, even though it was a good distance away from that one), and two Black-naped Monarchs (a low-density late autumn migrant and scarce winterer in the city).

Other species of note this morning included a male Yellow Bittern and one more Black-naped Monarch (bringing the total to three). Blue-tailed Bee-eater (5+), Brown Shrike (3), Common Kingfisher (3), Black-naped Oriole (6), Taiga Flycatcher (5), Ashy Drongo (3+) and Spangled Drongo (1).

If you are interested in the intricacies of ID'ing Claudia's Leaf Warbler and the dizzying array of confusion species you should look at Ayuwat's blog here, here and here.

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