Friday, November 8, 2013

Seven Spooners, including a leg-flagged bird

Phil Round posted this message on the BCST Facebook page last night:
Mr Tii reported a Spoon-billed Sandpiper with a probably engraved white flag at Samut Maneerat Saltpans, Samut Sakhon this morning. This is almost certainly one of 20 or so SBS that were head-started chicks from Chuchotka this year. If so, it is the first that has been seen anywhere along the flyway. It is crucial that we identify this individual, which mean that somebody needs to read and report the number. Ideally, a digital photo would be best, so photographers are encouraged to get in touch with Mr Tii and arrange to see the bird.
Also posted was this message:
Currently there are 7 known [SBS] in Thailand: 3 at Pak Thale, one at Khok Kham (found by Daeng and Tii respectively); a single at Khlong Tamru, Chonburi, found by Somchai and DNP Team; and single individuals at both Samut Maneerat and Wat Bang Khut (both of which were found by Tii this morning). If any observer can check further sites and locate some more, we'd like to hear.

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