Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ruddy Kingfisher

Suan Rot Fai early morning produced more views of the Ruddy Kingfisher, and the opportunity for some poor record shots. Other migrants included several Ashy Minivets, a 1st summer male Yellow-rumped Flycatcher, two Asian Brown and two Taiga Flycatchers, a Pale-legged Leaf Warbler,  three Thick-billed Warblers and two Brown Shrikes.

Ruddy Fantastic!


Thaibirdspot said...

Where abouts in the park can i get a shot of the ruddy kingfisher. I shall try to get there tomorrow morning.. Cheers Brian

David Gandy said...

Brian, I think the Ruddy K has gone - local bird photographers reported negative news this morning. It was between the "Canal Zone" and "The Edge"(see the map on my links).

Thaibirdspot said...

Cheers David I will have a look tomorrow morning if I get thew chance..Many thanks Brian