Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Migration continues

More migrants at Suan Rot Fai this morning (9am - 12 noon) included two Forest Wagtails, with flycatchers represented by two Mugimaki, two Yellow-rumped, two Taiga and one Asian Brown.  I heard a number of Eye-browed Thrushes and glimpsed three individuals, whilst phylloscs included 2-3 Pale-legged Leaf Warblers and one probable Eastern Crowned seen badly several times.   The hepatic phase Himalayan Cuckoo was moving around quite a lot and I ran into it three times,  I also saw 2-4 Thick-billed Warblers.

I was informed by other birders that the Ruddy Kingfisher and Hodgson's Hawk-cuckoo were both still present this morning, and that there was also an Orange headed Ground-thrush seen in the last few days.

Himalayan Cuckoo

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Paul said...

Hey there, wat dee krub : )

I am enjoying your blog as i'm quite familiar with Suan Rot Fai park, great location for sure.

Maybe our paths will cross in July, will be in and around BKK for 3 weeks.
My wifes family lives fairly close to Train Park so a visit or two will be in order.

Keep shooting and posting!