Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fudgy Fly

My visit to SRF 0630-0815hrs this morning produced a lovely 1st winter Ferruginous Flycatcher - a patch tick and only the second time I have seen this species. A rather tiny flycatcher that seemed pretty unconcerned by my presence.

Oh Fudge!

The other highlight was an Ashy Minivet which was only my second record on the patch. Otherwise migrants were pretty much as you'd expect on the patch in late October - perhaps ten Taiga Flys, a couple of Asian Brown Flys and Yellow-browed Warblers, an Ashy Drongo and a few Blue-tailed Bee-eaters.  A group of Barn Swallows seemed to be feeding up before heading further south, but the hoped-for raptors didn't materialise.

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