Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Inner city birding: Storks, Night Herons & Bitterns

Did the patch this morning from 0630-0800 hrs.  The things that impressed me today were i) that the Open-billed Storks that turned up in early April are still present and seem to have taken up residence, with three birds present this morning, and ii) that I saw two separate Black-crowned Night Herons - one cracking adult and a juvenile.

Until this spring I had only seen Open-bills over the park occasionally (normally quite high), and I had seen only one Black-crowned Night Heron (sometime back in 2008, I think). Since the end of March I've seen both species regularly, and whilst it may be that only two Night Herons and three Storks are involved it is nice to imagine that perhaps both species will colonise the park!

The other species that were rather conspicuous this morning were Javan Pond Heron (with two or three juvs and perhaps 15 adults spread around the park - presumably post breeding dispersees) whilst Asian Pied Starlings were also well represented (some feeding recently fledged juvs).  Lastly I saw an adult male Yellow Bittern with what appeared to be a fresh juv, suggesting that they have bred in the park this year.

Javan Pond Heron

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