Sunday, July 15, 2012

Eastern Inner Gulf

I spent this afternoon investigating a few sites on the coast of the eastern side of the inner Gulf of Thailand, looking for potentially interesting sites for waders later in the autumn.  Sites around Khlong Tam Ru produced a few interesting birds - three early Wood Sandpipers, a Marsh Sandpiper that probably hadn't migrated (it had a broken leg), twenty three Barn Swallows and most notably a group of ten Spot-billed Pelicans.

I also checked an area around Bang Pakong which was rather disappointing, but perhaps I just didn't find the right spot to look.  On the way back to Bangkok I stopped off at Bang Poo, which was by far the most interesting site.  Bang Poo is well known for wintering gulls (and being a natural Laraphobe I have always avoided the place!), and also has an area of mudflats at low-tide, with an area pools for roosting waders.  My visit was over the high tide period, and the roosting pools held a few waders including three Lesser Sand Plovers, a Marsh Sandpiper, three Wood Sandpipers and ten Back-tailed Godwits. The more impressive count at this site was the 40+ Painted Storks, some at reasonably close range to allow detailed study through the scope.  Bang Poo looks like a site worthy of further, and regular investigation (it is very close to Bangkok), and given that last year it held Asia's first Sooty Gull, I should probably actually look at the Larids once they arrive for the winter...

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