Monday, April 5, 2010

Boobook on the patch

Visited Suan Rot Fai before work for the first time in a very long time (more than 2 months in fact).

Still some winter vistors about - three ASIAN BROWN FLYCATCHERS, one very smart TAIGA FLYCATCHER with red throat and a one, perhaps two BLACK-CAPPED KINGFISHERS.  Larger than normal numbers of BLACK-NAPED ORIOLES and BARN SWALLOWS suggesting migration.

The most interesting record today was this BROWN BOOBOOK in "The Ramble".  Not sure weather to consider it as a genuine record or a probable escape from Chatuchak Market - Round (2008) notes that the species is found in parkland, but indicates that most Bangkok records are mid winter...

Perhaps I'll just tell myself it's a migrant!

 Not bad for iso 3200 on the D90

EDIT: 2nd October 2011.  In the light of new identification features being determined this bird has now been identified as a Northern Boobook.  for more information see the post here.

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Nick Upton said...

It's plumage looks in pretty good condition, surely an escaped cage bird would be pretty messy, particularly the tail.