Saturday, April 17, 2010

14th April - Khok Kham

Afternoon at Khok Kham in the hope of scoring Asiatic Dowitchers on passage and in fine plumage - failed on that count (Mr Tee had seen one in the morning), but lots of waders in equally fine plumage to compensate.  Most notable was a large flock of Knot spp, including at least 50 Red Knot feeding and a another 300 knot spp roosting at a distance that made specific ID difficult, though most appeared to be Reds.  It seems to have been a good winter for them in this part of Asia (numbers are normally much smaller).  Rarest bird of the day was a breeding plumaged Little Stint, there were lots of Red-necked Stints around too, but none close enough to photograph.

Little Stint

There were also good numbers of Whiskered Terns around, most of which had attained breeding plumage, plus small numbers of White-winged Black Terns which were well on their way to doing the same.

Whiskered Terns


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