Tuesday, May 17, 2016

6th May 2016

One of my last bashes of the spring around the patch produced only two migrants - the first being a splendid and very showy Dark-sided Flycatcher (pix below), with the other an Arctic Warbler in song.

Having latterly examined my sound recordings of this bird and the one I heard singing on 15th April and comparing them (by ear) with various recordings on Xeno Canto it seems to me that they are clearly closest to Phylloscopus borealis transbaicalica (recorded at Khasanskiy rayon, Primorskiy kray in Russia, north of the Korean Peninsular) rather that Phylloscopus borealis borealis recordings from Finland.

I am unsure if it is generally accepted that P.b. transbaicalica is the main (only?) sub-species of Arctic Warbler passing through Thailand on passage (obviously excluding the separate species of Kamchatka and Japanese Leaf Warblers which are now confirmed on the Thai list).
But I have found literature that indicates that P. b. transbaicalica breeds in "Transbaikal" also known as "Dauria". Is there any likelihood that future studies will identify P.b.transbaicalica as a distinct taxon? "Daurian Leaf Warbler" perhaps?!

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