Monday, April 11, 2016

Asian Dowitcher Survey - 3rd April

Following on from the Survey done last spring I joined another co-ordinated effort to count north-bound Asian Dowitchers in the inner gulf of Thailand.

Last year we were a little disappointed with the numbers encountered during our survey on 19th April, which counter a total of 231 birds at several sites (my site held no more than 50 birds). This year however we did really well, with my two sites holding a combined total of 259 Dowitchers and another site holding a whopping 525 birds!

Of course at this time of the year many of the waders at looking very fine in the breeding attire, so it was a pleasure to undertake the survey.  Other notable birds recorded during my survey included 125 Red Knot and 97 Great Knot, plus one pool which held Red-necked, Long-toed and Temminck's Stint.

Long-toed Stint

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