Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Locustella & Zoothera

Excellent session at Suan Rot Fai from 06.30-0930 hrs. The biggest surprise was discovering that a clump of isolated bushes held a good number of passerines that had probably roosted overnight - these included at least three Thick-billed Warblers and two Dusky Warblers but pride of place went to my first Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler on the patch, and my third Orange-headed Ground-thrush.

I entered the clump and sat down in the hope of pulling in a Rubythroat using a recording of that species' contact call, but instead it pulled in the PG Tips which proceeded to scuttle along the ground, circumnavigating me twice before disappearing.  Upon entering another section of the same area of bushes I flushed the Ground-thrush, which reappeared a couple of minutes later to perform for the camera.

Other notable species this morning included a mohouti Ashy Drongo, single White-rumped Shama, two Grey-headed Canary-flycatchers, one Brown Shrike, at least 10 Taiga Flycatchers, two Asian Brown Flycatchers, eight Yellow-browed Warblers, one Black-capped and two Common Kingfishers. One other notable record was a partially breeding plumaged Chinese Pond Heron.



Asian Brown Flycatcher


Unknown said...

Great shots of the Orange-headed Ground-thrush.

Anonymous said...

Dave, congrats for the Orange Headed Thrush!
Could you tell the where about of the bush? I will try to follow.