Monday, July 1, 2013

Wet season patchwork

male Black Bittern

Wet season birding isn't great in Bangkok - far better to be in the forest, looking for resident species such as babblers and pittas.  Sadly however I am stuck in Bangkok, with a thesis to write for my Masters degree and as such my birding opportunities will be very limited between now and mid October (it's OK at the moment, but September will be tough!).

This morning I decided to make a short visit to Suan Rot Fai before work and had a couple of interesting birds - firstly a male Black Bittern (my third patch record) flew over Lotus Lake a couple of times, and an unseasonal Chinese Pond Heron in scruffy summer plumage was seen a couple of times, along with four other non-breeding Pond Heron spp.  Other interesting spp included more Ardeidae in the form of two Black-crowned Night Herons, one or two Yellow Bitterns, at least five Little Herons and a lone Little Egret.

Notable passerines included a flock of six Small Minivets and a party of approximately five Red-whiskered Bulbuls.

Chinese Pond Heron

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