Monday, June 18, 2012

Cinnamon Bittern

Did Suan Rot Fai early this morning, for the first time in a few weeks .  My mission was to try to find some of the species that are perhaps more widely available in the wet season - I had in mind Vinous-breasted Starling and two of the bitterns: Black and Cinnamon.  All of these seemed to be outside chances, so I was pleased to find a male Cinnamon Bittern flying over Lilly Lake.  Cinnamon Bittern  seems to be an irregular visitor to the park,  with the only other records I am aware of being two last year;  one that I found in November  and one that Graham Gordon saw in April. 

The Park was otherwise rather quiet, with the only other highlight being a flock of perhaps 20 Cattle Egrets overhead .

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