Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stink Pink

Of all the birds that are "very rare" in Thailand, I had to find this at Suan Rot Fai...


I'd been happily minding my own business, watching and photographing the Daurian Starling flock (which seemed to have grown in size), when this thing appeared. I was perplexed by the arse-only views I got, until it starting flashing it's well-marked vent...

what the f...?!

Then I knew something interesting was happening, but the bird promptly flew off. A few minutes later it came back to the fruiting tree and started feeding in the same area where I had seen it before.  This time giving much better views:

Clearly an adult winter ROSE-COLOURED STARLING, which is a pretty rare bird in Thailand! Apparently there are one or two records annually, although last winter was exceptional with about 40 birds seen. According to Robson (2000) the closest wintering population is in Sri Lanka.

Other migrants were thin on the ground, with just one female YELLOW-RUMPED FLYCATCHER, one ARCTIC WARBLER and a couple of BROWN SHRIKES.

 There seemed to be  quite a few more Daurian Starlings today than yesterday.

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