Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Awaiting the deluge (or trickle) - 7th Sept

Back in Bangkok now and ready to embrace all those lovely migrants which are about to come my way (!).  However one problem I face is that my Leica binoculars have seemingly been taken hostage by Leica in Germany, who I sent them to for cleaning: they were meant to be back in late July but now it seems I may have to wait anything from 2-5 weeks...and Leica's agent here in Thailand have so far refused to loan me a "courtesy" pair (you can follow this saga here).

I visited Suan Rot Fai for an hour this evening, and it seems that migrants have indeed started to arrive (after drawing a complete blank on 2nd Sept), with three BROWN SHRIKES heard (only one seen) and two COMMON KINGFISHERS.  I was birding around dusk, which gave me a chance to get reasonable views (and blurred photos) of a couple of ASIAN BARRED OWLETS.

Before seeing all these however I came across a BLACK-CRESTED BULBUL which has presumably liberated itself from Chatuchak Market.

Crap photo, but it's the first migrant of the autumn, so I don't care!

Blurred ASBO (gotta love autofocus in low light)

Enjoying its freedom

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