Saturday, September 18, 2010

Migrants and Malkoha

SRF  from 0730-1100 hrs was initially a bit of a wash out, with drizzly showers putting paid to my hopes of passerine activity...then the rain stopped and the sky brightened a bit - I scored ASIAN PARADISE FLYCATCHER, YELLOW-RUMPED FLYCATCHER and BLACK-NAPED ORIOLE all in one tree (!), then found another tree harbouring an ASIAN BROWN FLYCATCHER and an ARCTIC WARBLER.  Then the rain started again and the activity stopped.  I met up with Phil Round, and we glimpsed the Y-R FLY again (a female type).

Most unexpected bird of the day was a GREEN-BILLED MALKOHA, which I assumed was an escape for Chatuchak market, but which Phil advised me was probably a wild bird as there are a few spots in the inner city and greater Bangkok where they can still be found.  So I'll be taking that as a rather splendid patch tick!

Green-billed Malkoha

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