Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another early morning (0630-0830 hrs) bash around the patch provided a few migrants, but still only small numbers: ASIAN BROWN FLYCATCHER 1-2, EASTERN CROWNED WARBLER 1, BROWN SHRIKE 3.  This is all getting a bit repetitive - but I guess that's what patchwatching is all about and makes those special days very, um....special!  Overnight rain had again provided hopes of a fall, but failed to deliver - I'm thinking we need rain pre-dawn to force stuff down, rather than rain starting soon after dusk and going for much of the night, as has happened in the last few days. 

I dedicated a block of time to trying to detect Siberian Blue Robin (now is supposed to be peak passage for them) but drew a blank.  Two autumns ago I was practically falling over SBRs in Bangkok (two dead in the garden and at least two, possibly three on the patch), but I haven't seen one in the city since then - perhaps 2008 was an especially good year for them?

  One of a pair of Paddyfield Pipits (this Adult
and a 1st winter) encountered this morning

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