Monday, September 13, 2010

12th Sept - afternoon at Khok Kham

After the excitement of the morning I decided to go to Khok Kham for some wader action in the late afternoon.

Quite a lots of birds, especially MARSH SANDPIPERS, with good numbers of BROAD-BILLED and CURLEW SANDSRED-NECKED STINTS and LESSER SANDPLOVERS were much in evidence, plus smaller numbers of other waders: 1 GREAT KNOT, 5 RED KNOT, 1 WOOD SANDPIPER, 2 BARWIT, 1 BLACKWIT, 2 TURNSTONE and about 5 LONG-TOED STINTS.

I saw Mr Tii, who told me that the 1st summer SPOON-BILLED SANDPIPER is still around.

moulting adult Long-toed Stint

Amongst the Red-necked Stints I came across this interesting adult stint, which I immediately thought was a LITTLE STINT - mainly because of the extensive rufous in the tertials.   I posted these images on Birdforum for other opinions, where contributors agreed with my original ID as Little stint. 

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