Friday, September 4, 2009

Yellow-rumps are back

After a drizzly, sweaty, super-humid and mosquito-infected visit to Suan Rot Fai on Tuesday, which, despite my conviction that it being 1st September would mean "MIGRANTS", was entirely birdless, Iit was with some trepidation that I visited the patch again this morning. However the recent rains seem to have cleared, the sun was shining and a pleasant breeze was keeping things cool. The improved weather was accompanied by my hoped-for migrants, in the shape of three delicious male YELLOW-RUMPED FLYCATCHERS. There had apparently been a few seen around twon in recent weeks (Peter Ericsson's blog mentions a twitch for two birds in mid August) but I was able to enjoy these three birds all to myself, as they fed in a patch of Bamboo.

In the ornamental gardens I also found a Long-nosed Whipsnake which was very curious about me and my camera. One of the gardeners also pointed out a second, much smaller individual.

So this is it - passerine migration is truly underway :o)