Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thaksin Maharat National Park

I spent a few days this week in Mae Sot (in NW Thailand, close to the border with Burma) for work. Rather fortunately Thaksin Maharat NP is en route to Mae Sot, so I stopped on my way there and back to have a look around.

My first visit was in the late afternoon, with little bird activity. I played a tape of Asian Barred Owlet to elicit some response from the forest birds, and managed to pull in a group of WHITE-THROATED BULBULS, and of course an AsBO!

I also found this striking lizard, which I tried photographing with and without flash. I'm unsure on the ID, but from my rather limited fieldguide I think it belongs to the family Agamidae, possibly of the genus Calotes.

On my way back on Friday I found a flock of 30+ ASIAN OPENBILL STORKS feeding in roadside paddies just south of Nakon Sawan, so stopped to grab this shot.


Thaibirder said...

What about Olive Bulbul?

Electric Birding said...

I saw a group of Iola bulbuls whilst there - having discussed the Iola spp at TMNP with Phil Round a few days before visiting, and his interest in determining what they are (Olive or Grey-eyed), I managed to get a record shot (will add a new post). He's hoping to mist-net one byut keeps missing! I'm going back to Mae Sot tomorrow, so will hopefully have time to go looking for them again...