Saturday, September 5, 2009

Iola Bulbul, Thaksin Maharat NP

The (bad) photo above is of an Iola spp. bulbul which I photographed at Thaksin Maharat NP on my recent visit there. It was sooo bad that I didn't bother publishing it (especially as I hope to get more shots of this spp this week), but as Peter Ericcson has asked about Iola bulbuls at TMNP, I thought I'd post this. Phil Round has previously told me that he's unclear about which species is present at TMNP - either Grey-eyed (widespread in Thailand) or Olive (restricted to the NW border close to Burma).

Personally my knowledge of these two species is very limited,and a quick search of the OBCs image database gives only one photo of Olive Bulbul, but that individual seems to have grey eyes!

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