Monday, September 14, 2009

When the wind blows

Suan Rot Fai 1700-1830 hrs. I thought I was onto a small "fall" of migrants on arrival at SRF this afternoon, with the first bird I saw being another ASIAN BROWN FLYCATCHER, the second (in the same tree) being my first ARCTIC WARBLER of the autumn, and having my first migrant BLUE-TAILED BEE-EATER of the autumn fly overhead whilst watching the warbler! But then the clouds sarted to threaten and the characteristic wind got up that Bangkokians know heralds a heavy shower. The migrants all disappeared and I spent the next hour seeing nowt and wondering what the hell just happened...

Looking forward to a pre-work run around tomorrow (when wind/rain less likley) to see what's happening.

It might seem odd to talk about a "fall" in Bangkok, but I'm realising that Suan Rot Fai really is a green "island" in a sea of concrete, and certainly last autumn's birding produced pronounced peaks and troughs in numbers of migrants, often with certain species suddenly well represented and then absent a few days later.

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