Monday, September 28, 2009

27th Sept 2009

SRF this morning for a couple of hours, very productive, with god numbers of a wide range of migrants. On arrival heard my first TAIGA FLYCATCHER of the autumn (found three in the park in total), quickly followed by excellent views of EASTERN CROWNED WARBLER , with an ASIAN BROWN FLYCATCHER playing chase with a YELLOW-RUMPED FLYCATCHER. Up to 10 BLUE-TAILED BEE-EATERS sailed overhead, a couple of BLACK-NAPED ORIOLES called and one perched up giving good views, and an Arctic Warbler gave good but brief views just before I left. Other fleeting glimpses were provided by a male Common Kingfisher and a Brown Shrike.

Yellow-rumped Flycatcher - female/imm types take a bit of practice to age/sex (infact many of the birds on Oriental Bird Images are aged/sexed incorrectly). The key is the colour of the upper tail coverts (black in 1CY males) and the extent of white on the coverts/tertials. From this photo it is hard t be sure, but I think i can see some black on the upper tail coverts, making this a 1CY male.

Asian Brown Flycatcher

Eastern Crowned Warbler - easily identified (even if not very obliging in this photo) by the yellow washed undertail coverst, srong wingbar and strongly marked yellow supercilium and crown stripe, with smokey grey-green on the rest of the head contrasting with brighter green mantle.

Oriental Magpie Robin - overcome by the invaders from the north!

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