Sunday, October 2, 2011

More Sibe Blue Robins

Suan Rot Fai 1645-1815hrs. Not sure I have ever been to my local patch on a Sunday afternoon before, an now I know why - The park was rammed full of loved up couples, loud and happy families and gaggles of raucous teenagers. I went into "The Ramble", which is one of the densest areas of  habitat in the park and despite the high level of disturbance I scored one, probably two Siberian Blue Robins, a Pale-legged Leaf Warbler, two Arctic Warblers, one Yellow-browed Warbler, a female type Yellow-rumped Flycatcher and an Asian Barred Owlet - all of these whilst a constant stream of Thai families noisily cycled around the path that encircles The Ramble. I watched one of the Sibe Blue Robins hidden in the undergrowth a few meters in front of me whilst a small child threw a full-on tantrum at her mother a few meters behind me. The Robin seemed totally unconcerned!

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