Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Green-billed Malkhoa

Last hour of daylight spent on the patch again, with a reasonable selection of typical migrants.  Whilst pishing I pulled in two Yellow-browed and an Eastern Crowned Warbler, two Taiga Flycatchers, a Black-naped Oriole, and Ashy Drongo.  In addition to these I pulled in a Green-billed Malkhoa (a rare resident in downtown Bangkok).

Elsewhere in the park birding was a bit slower, with one Arctic Warbler, one Black-capped Kingfisher and a couple of Asian Brown Flycatchers. I glimpsed another Accipiter spp as it shot through the canopy, then it was gone.

The wind has now turned E/NE and so it felt much drier today, which will be much appreciated by everybody in flood-threatened Bangkok.  Now we have to see what it will do for the birding...

Eastern Crowned (note contrasting vent against whitish underparts)
Eastern Crowned (same bird as above)

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