Monday, October 31, 2011

easy Cyornis

Went for an early morning walk at the Ministry of Public Relations this morning and picked up a very smart male Chinese Blue Flycatcher - easily identified by the narrow streak of pale orange extending up to the chin from the upper orange breast.  A much simpler affair than dealing with the last couple of female-type Cyornis that I have encountered. Round (2008) states that Chinese Blue Flycatcher is an "uncommon or rare passage migrant and occasional winterer".

Also a couple of Asian Brown Flycatchers, two Yellow-browed Warbler and a Black-naped Oriole  in the same area.

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Nick Upton said...

I find Chinese Blue Flycatcher to be regular in the vicinty of Bang Krang at Kang Krachan in the dry season. Not common but I can normally find one or two. I have only once seen one in a park though - a few years back at Phuttamonthon.