Sunday, September 4, 2011

A fall on the patch

Common Kingfisher, the first of the autumn

0620-0920 in Suan Rot Fai indicated that a significant fall of migrants had occured as a result of a torrential downpour overnight.  I was joined by Gerry Brett who was passing through Bangkok (see his excellent blog from western Thailand here).  I was able to show him some of the eight Yellow-rumped Flycatchers that were present, two of the three newly arrived Common Kingfishers, one of the six Brown Shrikes, and at least three of the 10 Arctic Warblers that had arrived.  I also had a group of at least three Blue-tailed Bee-eaters pass through. In terms of numbers of migrants this was my best day on the patch for a very long time - there must be other species lurking, but we didn't connect if they were.

 One of eight Yellow-rumped Flycatchers

The first Brown Shrikes of the autumn - not one, but six!

One of ten Arctic Warblers seen this morning

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