Sunday, September 25, 2011

Eastern Crowned Warbler deluge

0645-1030 hrs at Suan Rot Fai with visiting birder Mark Pearson.  We trawled the southern sector of the park and did pretty well, finding good numbers of common migrants including at least 8 Eastern Crowned Warblers (by far the highest count that I have had in a single day), this included a single tree which held four individuals! We also had  6+ Arctic Warblers, 3 female-type Yellow-rumped Flycatchers, 9 Asian Brown Flycatchers, 3 Crow-billed Drongos, 6+ Brown Shrikes, 2 Black-naped Orioles and another Plain-tailed Warbler (my fourth in a week of this species that I had never seen in SRF before  this time last week - there must be some interesting movement of this species going on at the moment).

Arctic Warbler

Crow-billed Drongo - 1cy (compare with the photo of an adult in my previous post)

 Crow-billed Drongo - Adult

We also had brief views of a hunting Accipiter which Mark got  some record shots of and will need some examination to determine what it was - the impression I got of it was that it might best fit 1cy Japanese Sparrowhawk but the views were very brief and so it will only be clinched if the photos are good enough (no pressure, Mark!)

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