Sunday, September 25, 2011


Mark Pearson's photos of the Accipiter that we had hunting over Suan Rot Fai this morning show it to have reddish underparts, very pale underwings with some barring on the secondaries, and dark tips to the underside of the primaries - a 1cy Chinese Sparrowhawk, perhaps not surprising since there were more than 2,500 Chinese Sprawks seen heading south over Chumphon yesterday (the heaviest passage of this species so far this autumn).

This is my 100th species in Suan Rot Fai, and amazingly a massive world tart's tick for me!

Hats off to Mark's sharp shooting with the camera.  I owe that man a beer!

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Mark James Pearson said...

mine's a Chang please Dave - but then, I got at least five lifers this morning, so maybe they're on me...