Friday, October 17, 2008

Red-throat with a red throat

One of two red-throated Taiga Flycatchers seen today

Lots of migrants in SRF this morning during my visit from 0700-0900. TAIGA FLYCATCHERS were much in evidence, with perhaps 15 individuals seen/heard including two birds with some evidence of red in the throat, also I'm happy to report that there were a few phylloscs around, with one YELLOW-BROWED calling, one PALE-LEGGED LEAF WARBLER seen well, and two ARCTIC WARBLERS. Also noticable was an increase in the number of BARN SWALLOWS. Other migrants seen included one BLACK-NAPED ORIOLE, two BLACK-CAPPED KINGFISHERS, two COMMON KINGFISHERS, 4 ASIAN BROWN FLYCATCHERS and 2 BROWN SHRIKES.

What might have been "bird of the day" was one that got apparently medium-sized all-dark heron glimpsed from the back of a motorbike taxi at it flew over Ari Soi 2 was presumably a migrant BLACK BITTERN (?) but I saw it so briefly that I can't be sure. Also a YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER calling around our garden this morning.

I bumped into a flock of Small Minivets this morning, including this male. I'm not sure how many groups there are in the Park, but I always see them in different places, and only occasionally, so I think there are only a small number and they cover a big area.

Little Egret catching breakfast

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