Thursday, October 2, 2008

Phyllosc phrenzy

Did SRF from 7.00-9.30 this morning, for the first time in almost a week due to work commitments and the inadvertent consumption of vast quantities of alcohol over the weekend.

The main difference I noticed this morning was the much higher numbers of phylloscs and the lack of flycatchers (no yellow-rumped for the first time in a month, and strangely no Asian Brown). Of particular note on the phyllosc front was a count of at least 10 PALE-LEGGED LEAF WARBLERS, a DUSKY WARBLER, (my first of the autumn), and EASTERN CROWNED and ARCTIC WARBLERS apparent in greater numbers. TAIGA FLYCATCHER numbers have increased (I saw at least 5), and I had singles of both PARADISE FLYCATCHER (1st winter incei) and SIBERIAN BLUE ROBIN (a very skulking 1st winter female picked up on call and seen with a bit of persistence). The only other bird of note was a Golden-fronted Leafbird, which seemed rather gaudy after looking at all the warblers.

A very bad photo of a Pale-legged Leaf Warbler.

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