Sunday, October 5, 2008

"bird" of the day: Reticulated Python!

A late morning bash around Suan Rot Fai produced few birds of interest due to the sun being out and it being HOT. Highlights were a pair of BLACK-CAPPED KINGFISHERS, single BROWN FLYCATCHER, TAIGA FLYCATCHER heard but not seen, PALE-LEGGED and ARCTIC WARBLERS, however the best thing was a small RETICULATED PYTHON curled up on a branch high in the canopy, which sent the local avifauna completely bonkers, and later got the attention of a brave (or foolhardy) VARIABLE SQUIRREL that kept approaching it and then backing off, getting closer each time...

Sleeping (or strangling?) reticulated python

The most effective way to deter a potentially deadly
reptile is to swish your tail back and forth at it, obviously.

Pale-legged Leaf Warbler; The phylloscs still aren't playing ball
for the camera, or perhaps I'm just a crap photographer.

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