Tuesday, October 7, 2008

From frenzy to famine

Astonishing morning at SRF - not a single phyllosc in two and a half hours in the field! Not sure what to make of that...perhaps I was asleep, or unlucky, or maybe they just moved south and for some reason others haven't come in from the north. Whatever, very strange.

Despite the dirth of leaf warblers, there were a few goodies to be had - perhaps the nicest being a single tree simultaneously containing BLACK-CAPPED & WHITE-THROATED KINGFISHERS, JAVAN POND HERON, INDIAN ROLLER and COPPERSMITH BARBET! Additionally I had stunning views of a luminous BLACK-NAPED ORIOLE, and 5+ TAIGA FLYCATCHERS and a couple of ASIAN BROWN FLYCATCHERS. A wander through the fairways produced a single PADDYFIELD PIPIT, and another 1st winter incei PARADISE FLYCATCHER showed well on the way out.

I met a couple of Thai bird photographers who told me that another BROWN-CHESTED JUNGLE FLYCATCHER has been seen in the park on 30th September.

ssp. incei

Paddyfield Pipit

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