Friday, October 18, 2013

Paradise found

Getting back into the swing of things with a short visit to the Ministry of Public Relations this morning after two days of heavy rain and leaden skies.  This morning was bright and sunny, with many leaves and a few small branches brought down by the storm, making things feel almost autumnal.

Birding was also pretty autumnal with quite a lot of migrants around.  As soon as I left the house an squadron of seven Blue-tailed Bee-eaters sailed overhead, leaving their roost and on getting the the MoPR the first bird I heard was a Yellow-browed Warbler (one of three that I had this morning).  This was  followed by a calling Monarichidae, which eventually showed itself - an very smart Asian Paradise Flycatcher of the migratory race incei.

Other migrants included two Drongos - one seen poorly and not identified, but the other an Ashy Drongo, which was of either the race mouhouti or salagensis (distant views only); 1-2 Brown Shrikes and one Asian Brown Flycatcher.

There is a lot on the move, so this weekend should offer some excellent patchwork...

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