Saturday, October 19, 2013

Accipiter dawn

Suan Rot Fai from 7.30-9am produced three migrant Accipiters, but only two gave views allowing me to ID them to species - the first a juv Chinese Sparrowhawk, the other a juv. male Shikra.

juv. male Shikra

The other highlight came late on in the form of three "Pale-legged" Leaf Warblers (impossible to separate from Sakhalin LW in the field, although we now know that Sakhalin occurs in Thailand as a passage migrant, one was trapped and ringed yesterday at Khao Dinsor).

Other passage migrants/winterers today included 2 Ashy Drongos,  2 Asian Brown Flycatchers, at least five Taiga Flycatchers, three Yellow-browed Warblers, six Black-naped Orioles, two Barn Swallows and one White Wagtail.

I also had a count of 11 Cattle Egrets, which might be the highest number that I have had in the Park.

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