Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Phrustrating Phyllosc

This morning I again visited the grounds of the Ministry of Public Relations  where the only notable bird was a salangensis Ashy Drongo.

After work I did Suan Rot Fai in an attempt to pick up some migrants. Apart from a single leucogenis/salagensis intergrade Ashy Drongo and two each of Asian Brown and Taiga Flycatcher the main interest was a large, silent Phyllosc that would not give itself up despite much pishing - from what I saw on it (rather domed crown, broad supercilium, pink lower mandible) it looked promising for Two-barred Greenish and this was perpetuated by its very active behaviouw (constantly zipping around and giving me little time to get my bins on it once it moved to a perch where I could be able to get views). Ultimately it disappeared and I had to let it go unidentified - rather disappointing, but a likely migrant which is an encouraging sign.

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