Sunday, March 3, 2013

A tale of two colonisers

Quiet on the patch this morning, wintering passerines thin on the ground, the best being one Ashy and one Black Drongo. Padders included a male Cinnamon Bittern, Stork-billed, Black-capped, White-throated and Common Kingfishers.

The fortunes of two apparent colonisers seems to have diverged considerably: much to my dismay the island that has played roost site for the park's Night Herons in recent months has been "landscaped" in the last week, meaning that all thick vegetation has been hacked and a flowerbed planted in its place! On the other hand the Open-billed Storks are doing very well - I counted at least 33 individuals today, with a total of 52 sightings during two hours - and most remarkably they have started building at least four nests.

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