Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It pays to be thorough

Did Suan Rot Fai this morning for the first time since Thursday.  Lots of migrants around now with at least 8 each of ASIAN BROWN and TAIGA FLYCATCHERS and singles of YELLOW-BROWED, EASTERN CROWNED and ARCTIC WARBLERS.  There were huge numbers of POND HERONS, in excess of 100, compared with the dozen or so birds of last week - indeed I saw several flocks of 20 or more birds.

I worked the patch quite hard this morning, slowly doing several areas two or three times to feel satisfied that I'd done them thoroughly.  The second sweep of one rather birdy area produced nice views of YELLOW BITTERN, two or three BLACK-NAPED ORIOLES and then a big surprise in the shape of an adult ROSE-COLOURED STARLING (presumably the bird seen last month), feeding on grass in the company of a couple of Asian Pied Starlings.  I though to myself "it pays to be thorough"!

Just as I was leaving the park I saw a bird pass overhead, obscured by trees, and which I assumed to be a Blue-tailed Bee-eater.  As I've been looking - and failing- to add Blue-throated Bee-eater to the patch list I followed this bird and as soon as I got a clear view realised that it wasn't a Bee-eater at all, but actually an ASHY WOODSWALLOW, itself a patch tick!  Ashy Woodswallows are pretty common in rural areas, and I remember seeing one on a busy road in central Bangkok about 3 years ago, but I think they are generally pretty rare in the city, so I'm very happy to have added it to the patch list.  It pays to be thorough!

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