Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The dawn of the confusing Phyllosc

A delicious Brownie at breakfast time - perhaps supercilosus flavoured...

This morning SRF produced fewer birds than yesterday, but still enough to keep me busy - BLACK-NAPED ORIOLE, EASTERN CROWNED WARBLER, BROWN SHRIKE, TAIGA and ASIAN BROWN FLYS in the first 10 minutes gave me hope.  I elected to try "The Ramble" for Sibe Blue Robin, but drew a blank (again), though whilst there I flushed a phyllosc which appeared low down in the understory, exhibiting a big super and no wing bars.  My instant thought was Dusky, but something felt wrong (too whitish on the underparts and it wasn't calling incessantly, or at all actually), further views made me think it was reminiscent of a wing bar-less Arctic - now I was confused, and I lost the bird!

After some more searching I got more views and concluded that it was probably a Pale-legged Leaf Warbler. It remained low in the undergrowth and actually hopped along on the ground a couple of times, which is typical behavior for this species. I tried to get some photos but failed miserably.  I left feeling that it probably was a Pale-legged, but there was something nagging at me - it just didn't convince me.  Hhhm...

Also in the Ramble was a calling YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER, probably the same bird that I heard yesterday.

Keep looking up!

On the way back to the park entrance I had a couple of PAINTED STORKS overhead, which was another patch tick, though the provenance of this species in Bangkok is somewhat open to question as there is a feral population that draws in wild birds.

 Asian Pied Starling

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