Thursday, October 14, 2010

Answering the call of nature

Just had a very bizarre, but great experience in my office toilet!

The urinals look out of over the roof tops of the nearby office buildings, and whilst standing there I picked up three large birds on a distant thermal.  Thinking they would be feral Painted Storks, but worth a check, I decided to return to my desk and grab my carry-everywhere compact binos,  running the risk of being found in the lavs with my binoculars and trying to explain that away!  On my return to the bathroom I couldn't see the three birds in the distance, so looked directly up to see if they were circling my astonishment I found a flock of approximately 30 SPOT-BILLED PELICANS (a near-threatened species) circling directly over my office!

I ran outside and found them still circling, and gaining height, then they headed SW towards Rama 6 Road, where Phil Round's office is - I made a quick call to him when I got back to my desk but the flock must have already passed over.  Phil mentioned that he sees a few feral birds around the city, but that a flock of this size would be wild birds.

Whilst watching the pelicans I also had 3 drongo spp pass over in the same direction.  Gotta love vizmig!

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John Malloy said...

Better to take bins' to the bog than your camera Dave!