Monday, September 19, 2016

Unshrike-like Shrike

I checked Suan Rot Fai's "Secret Garden" area this morning, with a limited number of migrants found - single Eastern Crowned Warbler and Asian Brown Flycatcher, but the highlight was a juvenile Tiger Shrike seen a couple of times, but often elusive.

Whilst Tiger Shrikes look pretty much like any other Lanius their behaviour sets them apart - sticking to the understorey or within the cover of the canopy, and often flicking the tail up and down whilst also fanning and closing it. Today's bird spent a few minutes foraging inside an area of rather dense scub, acting more like an Acrocephalus warbler than a shrike!


Jim Swalwell said...

Hi David. What a fantastic looking Shrike. The Kingfisher wasn't bad either! Very jealous. Jim at Lost Geordie

Ibu Anita said...
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Mary Beth wareener said...

There is a bird we nicknamed, "up and down". It sounds like the noise if a kid swinging back and forth on a swing. Have any clues as to what Jr could be?

Mary Beth warrener said...

And you can contact me at (regarding my bird question of December 18, 2016).

Thank you,

Mary Beth Warrener